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You want to read more eBooks ? Many resources exist on Internet to read and download more eBooks.

Free & libres libraries


About OPDS from Wikipedia:

The Open Publication Distribution System (OPDS) catalog format is a syndication format for electronic publications based on Atom and HTTP. OPDS catalogs enable the aggregation, distribution, discovery, and acquisition of electronic publications. OPDS catalogs use existing or emergent open standards and conventions, with a priority on simplicity.

The Open Publication Distribution System specification is prepared by an informal grouping of partners, combining Internet Archive, O'Reilly Media, Feedbooks, OLPC, and others.

eReader & OPDS

If you have an eReader, you can think it's an amazing idea to allow readers to get OPDS feeds on eReader. And it is, but many eReaders can't have OPDS feeds because eReaders' makers pre-install only their shops on their devices. If they allow OPDS feeds, they haven't control on what users can read and download. If you want to have an eReader with libre OS, you can install Koreader. The alternative of new OS for eReader is to use eReader browser to download eBooks directly from online source, on the guide Download eBook from eReader, you have an example with Bookshelves Catalog*.

If you want to use Bookshelves with OPDS, you can use feed, check Features to know more about this.


If you have an application to read eBooks from OPDS feeds, you can add new feeds, check MobileRead Wiki for list of OPDS feeds. You need to have any application with OPDS support and just add feeds to get books.

This list is not exhaustive

Host your own library


馃摉 allow to read eBooks
馃摎 allow to manage OPDS feeds
馃挵 ads or premium



  • Koreader: alternative for OS on eReaders on Github







*: if OPDS is official and libre initiative, the Bookshelves Catalog is just a simple solution to allow to search eBooks with eReader browser on basic web interface for eReader without OPDS feeds, so almost all eReaders.