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Frequently Asked Questions

Bug report

If you find any bugs, don't hesitate to let us know through the contact form or to create an issue on project repository Bookshelves.

How to participate ?

If you want to participate to this project, you can contact us, you don't have to be developer, you can bring ideas or participate in your way.

How to to use OPDS ?

If you want to download and read eBooks from any device which support OPDS, you can do this with Bookshelves OPDS (Open Publication Distribution System).

My books are on Bookshelves, I disagree

If your are an author and you found your books here, you can ask us to remove it from Bookshelves, just contact us.

I want to host my Bookshelves app

You can setup Bookshelves on your personal server from repositories. You can consult official Wiki to know more about Bookshelves setup.

If you want, you can contact us to add eBooks on our collection.

I want to display Bookshelves eBooks on another app

If you want to get data from Bookshelves, you can use public API: API documentation. You can use Bookshelves API from any other application, without any token.