Antoine François Prévost

Antoine François Prévost

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Antoine Francois Prevost d'Exiles , usually known simply as the Abbe Prevost, was a French author and novelist. Life and works He was born at Hesdin, Artois, and first appears with the full name of Prevost d'Exiles, in a letter to the booksellers of Amsterdam in 1731. His father, Lievin Prevost, was a lawyer, and several members of the family had embraced the ecclesiastical estate. His happy childhood ended abruptly, when he lost his mother and his younger favorite sister at the age of 14. Prevost was educated at the Jesuit school of Hesdin, and in 1713 became a novice of the order in Paris, pursuing his studies at the same time at the college in La Fleche.At the end of 1716 he left the Jesuits to join the army, but soon tired of military life, and returned to Paris in 1719, apparently with the idea of resuming his novitiate. He is said to have travelled in the Netherlands about this time; in any case he returned to the army, this time with a commission. Some biographers have assumed t...
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